Main topics:

Sources of Fields and Radiation


Biophysical Basis of EMFs Interaction;

Occupational Health and Safety Concerning EMF and UV Exposure


Laboratory Investigations


Epidemiological Studies


Human Studies


Biological Effects and Health Implications:


Behavior Sensitivity to EMFs


Pathophysiologic Aspects of EMFs and UV


Neuroendocrine Effects/Stress


Immune Response to EMFs


Exposure and Cancer


Occupational, Environmental, Public Exposure of EMF and UV Radiation


Exposure Measurement & Instrumentation


EMF Dosimetry and Health Safety Standards


New European Standards for EMF and Optical Radiation


Modeling Human Body for Irradiation Studies


Medical Applications of EMF and UV


Risk Communication Programs

Risk Assessment and



Regulatory Policy


Electroporation – Science and Medical Application



Dear colleagues,


It is my pleasure as a Chair of the 8th EMF Workshop on Biological Effects of EMF to invite you in Bulgaria, 21-26 September 2014, in a small resort close to town Varna, on the Black sea.


These meetings are traditionally organized in the Mediterranean region every 2 years with the goal to provide a venue for scientists from the region to exchange results of their studies, and to discuss problems concerning human exposure to EMF. We will try to gather scientists and specialists from the Mediterranean and Balkan region, as well as leading scientists from all over the world representatives or members of WHO, ICNIRP, BEMS, EBEA, NATO, ICOH and other international organizations, as it was traditionally happened.


We invite all specialists in the field of measurement, dosimetry, exposure and risk assessment of electromagnetic fields in the working and living environment, scientists studying biological and health effects of EMF, developing exposure limits and legislation, epidemiologists and specialists in social sciences promoting communication strategies in the field of prevention of adverse health effects for workers and general population.


The main topics of the 8th EMF Workshop will be occupational exposure; new European legislation; quality of science which is reflecting on the contradictions of the results; medical applications of EMF sources. UV radiation exposure will be in the focus of the meeting, as well: exposure and risk evaluation in different occupations, legislation and restrictions for sources of radiation, solariums.


We also invite young scientists and student to attend the youth session that we plan to organize at the time of the 8th EMF Workshop.


At the time of the 8th EMF Workshop we intend to organize several short sessions on the following topics:


- Occupational health and safety concerning EMF and optical radiation.

- New EU legislation in the field of occupational health: EMF and UV radiation, new legislation for the use of solarium.

- Quality of science: what is the confidence frame for evidence; what are the uncertainties in measurement, exposure assessment, dosimetry, laboratory and human studies, epidemiology, and how it reflects on public concern.

- Medical application of NIR (EMF and optical radiation): biological effects, risk/benefit analysis, health and safety of the medical personnel.

- EMF Policy and public concern: practice in different countries.


We consider to propose recommendations for further topics that are "hot" in the field of NIR, and to help the international organizations to promote policies in the field of research, risk assessment and risk management.


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